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We want to ensure that personalised care has the strong foundations needed to make it sustainable for people who live in north east London by sharing knowledge and good practice with those who provide health and care services.

We have collated resources to help those interested in developing their understanding of different aspects of personalisation and personalised care.


The NEL Personalised Care programme will be hosting a series of webinars to enable and inform stakeholders in NEL about Personalisation and the offerings of the Personalised Care programme.

The first webinars were held in March 2022 and focussed on back-to-basics of personalisation including information on DES planning, Personalised Care ARRS roles and workforce development. You can download a copy of the presentation and briefing pack or watch the recording.


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Personalised Care Institute eLearning 

Core Skills 

Time to complete: 1 hour 

This module is written by three experts on the subject of personalised care, who come from backgrounds of psychology, professional education, communication skills training and personal experience. The module takes a holistic view of health and care, and demonstrates the nature and benefits of personalised care. 

Provider:  Personalised Care Institute eLearning  

Shared Decision Making 

Time to complete: 30 minutes 

The Personalised Care Institute curriculum (2020) articulates the values, behaviours and capabilities required by a multi-professional workforce to deliver Personalised Care. This eLearning covers aspects of the core capabilities to communicate and build relationships, as well as to engage, enable and support people, as described within the curriculum. 

Provider:  Personalised Care Institute eLearning  

Getting PCSP right is essential for people to gain more choice and control over their life and the support they are receiving.

This 45min module will give a definition and overview of the criteria for a good PCSP and highlight - through a range of case studies - the key steps of the planning process. In the module, the abbreviation PCSP is used both for the process of personalised care and support planning, and to describe the personalised care and support plan which is the outcome of the planning process. It should be obvious from the context of the sentence which of these the abbreviation is being used for. 

Time to complete: 45 minutes 

Provider:  Personalised Care Institute eLearning  

This e-learning resource has been developed for social prescribing link workers and includes the core elements and skills required to do the job and deliver social prescribing as part of a PCN multi-disciplinary team.  The first 6 introductory sessions will take around 3 hours to complete: 

  1. Introduction to the social prescribing link worker role 
  2. Developing personalised care and support plans with people 
  3. Developing partnerships 
  4. Introducing people to community groups and VCSE organisations 
  5. Safeguarding vulnerable people 
  6. Keeping records and measuring impact 
  7. Supporting people with their mental health through social prescribing 
  8. Social welfare, legal support and money guidance 
  9. Supporting children and young people through social prescribing  
  10. Supervision 

Provider:  eLearning for Healthcare

Updated: 18/05/2022