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Personalised Care programme overarching aims

  • maximising the potential of people, families and communities
  • helping staff realise their potential to deliver personalised care, unlocking the power of communities.

We provide clinical leadership; support with development of both the personalised care workforce and voluntary sector capability and capacity; digital and evaluation services; and clear communications and engagement.

Contact:  nelondonicb.personalisedcare

The team also works with a range of subject matter experts and associates.   

Key resources

Skills for Health and Health Education England E-learning for person-centred approaches 

Personalised Care Institute  Accredited training for PCNs on personalised care 

Personalised Care Institute  Toolkits and training for further learning  

Leadership for Personalised Care Introduction to leadership 

NEL and the PCI                  How to register for a PCI account  

UPDATED: 13/04/2023