Social prescribing can have a phenomenal impact, says Saiba

Saiba Salam, a social prescriber in Waltham Forest, loves her job because it helps the patients she works with to improve their day to day lives. It can have a phenomenal impact on them, she says.

People are referred to her with non-medical needs – such as being isolated, feeling low or stressed at work, having financial or housing issues or similar concerns – and she listens to understand what matters to them. Then she works with them to figure out what they need. It could be support to claim benefits, a contact for a local group that appeals to them or simple encouragement to do something – like cycling – that used to make them happy but they long ago stopped doing.

She works closely with local services, activities and groups so she always understands what is available.

Saiba’s patients are referred to her by their GP or another professional in the surgeries in Waltham Forest that she supports.

UPDATED: 09/03/2023