Five minutes with social prescriber Angie Turner

Where do you work and what are your feelings about your job?

I currently work in Redbridge as a social prescriber. Over the last two years I can see the positive impacts of additional roles like social prescribers in GP teams. There is progress in patient care and building bridges between the GP practices and groups, services and activities in the surrounding communities. I feel my job gives people time, comfort and confidence, knowing that our support is available.

How do people come to you and why?

People come to me as I have the time to listen and support them with a personalised approach, promoting independence and supporting them with life journey hurdles and obstacles.

What do you do for them?

I offer people a personal, relaxed, non-judgemental approach encouraging trust. I offer time, understanding and support. I give people tools and tips to become more positive and take control of their own lives, encouraging self-worth and independence.

What is a typical day?

My typical day has a mix of new and existing people. I have a clinic set up so my appointments are pre booked. My days are busy but I always feel like what I have done each day makes a difference to people’s lives.

What are some examples that stick in your mind?

Case 1: I was supporting a client who had been suspended from his job and at the end of my input he thanked me for all my time and support and said I’m an angel in disguise and must wear a halo on my head.

Case 2: I was supporting a lady whose family had left home and she had turned to drugs and felt shame. I supported her into R3 Rehab and talking therapy. We spoke about self-care and each week we made a plan of small goals for her. This lady stopped drugs, made new friends and never looked back.

Case 3: I also helped a lady who had low self-esteem and was unhappy with her weight. I helped this lady into weight loss services and, with regular follow ups, supported her on her journey. She has since told me I have changed her life and she can finally look in the mirror and smile at who looks back at her.

UPDATED: 07/03/2023