Exercise helps Amine

“I think it’s the best! ….. … I was telling my family about it that I like it [the exercise on referral programme] and after I am finished, I would like to continue …. I have started 2/3 weeks now and I am feeling a bit more relaxed as compared to previously. I have been diagnosed with depression and have been on medication but after taking my medication, sometimes my mood drops. But as I started to come here, I feel a bit better.”– Amine

Amine is one of many patients who have been referred for a social prescription by their GP and who have been offered an exercise on referral programme. She has found it beneficial for her health. Exercise on referral is the perfect way for people with long-term health conditions to move more to improve their health and wellbeing. The programme has helped many residents with long-term health conditions to manage their weight, have a positive effect on their mental health, improve your muscle and joint functions, and benefit your heart health too.

For six weeks, Amine has been fully engaged in the programme which helped her to build up her physical endurance.

“Before, I could not even walk two seconds… I would be panting but now I can even walk to the bus stop and wait for a bus, so I think it’s an improvement” – Amine

The lifestyle coaches helped to keep Amine focused, motivated and helped keep physically active to help with her long-term health issues regardless of her age and/or disability.

“The staff are a contributing factor. They help me to build back my confidence a little bit. At first, I didn’t have any confidence so, I’m grateful and I thank them ever so much. And I wish to come back even when I’m finished. Even if I must pay” – Amine

“The staff here are able to help me set everything up. Sometimes they sit down with me, tell me what I’m doing and how many calories I am burning.” – Amine

UPDATED: 09/03/2023