Personal Health Budgets

smiling young woman using a wheelchair

Personal Health Budget (PHB) is a sum of money to support someone’s health and wellbeing needs, which is planned and agreed between the person or their representative and the Integrated Care Board (ICB)

PHBs are an opportunity to consider spending existing health funding in a different way to meet a person’s needs and outcomes giving people more choice, flexibility and control of their healthcare. They are one of the six key elements of personalised care.

PHBs are not used in isolation. They are a tool that can be used by NHS services to meet the agreed health and wellbeing needs of people as part of co-produced personalised care and support planning.   

We're reviewing Personal Health Budgets (PHB) in north east London. We have identified PHB stakeholders and establishing a community of practice programme across Continuing Healthcare and Continuing Care PHBs. 

We want to see more people having access to personal health budgets by making sure that individuals, carers and professionals in health and care know what they are and how they work. 

We will be working closely with patients, people who use social care and wellbeing services to share examples of where PHBs are working well and supporting the personalised care workforce to ensure they are equipped to help people access and use them effectively.

Certain groups of people have a legal right to have a Personal Health Budget in England. These are currently: people eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, children and young people’s continuing care, people eligible for after-care services under section 117 of the Mental Health Act, and people in receipt of NHS wheelchairs.

What we're doing

  1. We're providing management support for the implementation across north east London of the Serious Mental Illness personal health budget solution pioneered by City and Hackney with East London Foundation Trust.
  2. Together with colleagues involved with continuing healthcare planning personal health budgets, we're driving forward better ways of working with people through a new community of practice.
  3. Working with borough leads and providers involved in the set-up and management of personal wheelchair personal health budgets to increase take-up of them by people who need them most.
  4. Continuing to look at how personal health budgets are being used in services for children and young people, and why they may not be used in some parts of north east London
The NHS Long Term Plan aims to accelerate the roll-out of Personal Health Budgets to give people greater choice and control over how care is planned and delivered. Up to 200,000 people will benefit from a Personal Health Budget by 2023/24.

Updated: 02/10/2022