Celebrating Primary Care

Serving local people

General Practice is the first place for local people go for help with their healthcare needs. Thousands of residents across east London visit their local GP surgery for treatment, advice, vaccinations, and a growing number of new services aimed at keeping people well.

General practice is a very rewarding career. But caring for others, at the “frontline” of care, can be challenging, and we want to acknowledge the vital work of those who work in GP surgeries. The role they play is an important one, caring for others and helping people to help themselves.

We wanted to publicly acknowledge their commitment, and say “thank you” to those who have supported their local communities by working in general practice, often ensuring that the local NHS services continue to thrive. 

Each person nominated was received an engraved trophy to celebrate their contribution to the NHS.

The event took place on the evening of 19th September 2019, at the Royal College of GPs.


Three words

We’ll need three words to describe the person who has left or is leaving a general practice. Nominees don’t need to be doctors or nurses, they could be a receptionist, therapist, administrator or business manager. Anyone who is a regular part of the team is eligible to be nominated.

“Thank you so much for Tuesday. I was honoured and proud to receive the award. And it personally somewhat made up for not getting a planned retirement and time so say goodbye to patients”  Jackie Ketley 

UPDATED: 08/10/2019