Mental health

mental health

Our work in mental health recognises that mental wellbeing goes hand-in-hand with physical wellbeing.

We also want to do everything we can to remove the stigma that still exists towards mental illness. Some local people may not be using local mental health services either because they don’t know about them, or they feel too embarrassed. No one ever be should be worried about asking for the help they need.

The mental health services we provide for local people in east London need to be sustainable, and joined-up with services focused on physical health conditions. Existing day services are being reviewed and new ones developed with people who have experience of mental ill health. 

We know from what people have told us, that making sure people get the help they need early can make a big difference. It can help stop people going into ‘crisis’, keep families together and lead to much better outcomes for people affected by mental ill-health or long-term mental health conditions.

We’re working to ensure that we help every young person get the help they need and we’ve already expanded services for women experiencing mental issues after giving birth. 

UPDATED: 29/04/2020