End of life care

end of life care

Death and dying is inevitable and everyone should expect to receive compassionate care which meets their own personal needs at the end of their life. Nationally up to 81 per cent of people say they would prefer to die at home, however the majority of patients in north east London die in hospital with four of our CCGs having the highest rates of hospital deaths, 20% above England average. The programme addresses inequalities in end of life care and is committed to providing care for all, which allows people to die in their preferred place of choice. Our priorities include:

  • Improving the identification of people at needing end of life care.
  • Ensuring access to appropriate 24/7 services; electronic palliative care record sharing and coordinated systems across all our CCGs.
  • Commission an outcomes based service model in order to deliver better outcomes across all providers.
  • Focus on sustainable education and training of all professionals and staff who provide end of life care; including developing a framework and tools to help people make well-informed decisions, and have open and honest conversations.

Contact us

We are always keen to hear peoples’ views, experiences and thoughts on how end of life services can be improved in North East London. If you would like to be involved in any way, please contact Cathryn Maybin at Cathryn.maybin@nhs.net

UPDATED: 29/04/2020