People and communities strategy

In north east London – home to a community of over two million people, and the most ethnically diverse area of the country – we believe people and communities have the right to participate in all aspects of our work.

Partly because the NHS is funded by public money, meaning health and care services not only affect our local people, but belong to them. And also, because we know that by working alongside residents and communities we are better able to address inequalities, improve access, experience and outcomes. After all, our best services are those that have been co-designed with the people who use them.

That’s why we put together our North East London Integrated Care System Working with People and Communities Strategy. The strategy sets out our commitment to participation, along with examples of where we already have good practice, where we know we must improve, our priorities for action and investment, and how people can become involved.

The strategy includes a set of standards for participation, which will remain under development and will be tested widely throughout our first few years as an ICS.

These include:

  • Commitment: We will develop an infrastructure of participation within our governance and leadership
  • Collaboration: We will work across the ICS and with our people and communities to deepen our collaboration
  • Insight and evidence: We will gather insight and evidence to inform our priorities and target our participation efforts
  • Accessibility: We will ensure that all people and communities are aware of and are supported to participate
  • Responsiveness: We will ensure that the impact of participation is clear to people, communities and partners

We’re not starting from scratch when it comes to participation. There are lots of examples of how we’ve worked with local people and communities, particularly during the pandemic. But while we have great practice in NEL, we still have much to do and plan to continuously improve over time. We look forward to continuing to work with people, communities and partners to achieve this.

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UPDATED: 18/08/2022