Our partnership

Our ambitions and priorities

Our Partnership

We are a broad partnership, brought together by a single purpose: to improve health and wellbeing outcomes and equity for the people of north east London.

Each of our partners has an impact on the people of NEL – some providing care, others involved in planning services, and others impacting on wider determinants of health and care, such as housing and education.

Our partnership between local people and communities, the NHS, local authorities and the community and voluntary sector, is uniquely positioned to improve all aspects of health and care as well as addressing the wider determinants of health such as employment, housing or poverty.

With hundreds of health and care organisations serving more than two million local people, we have to make sure that we are utilising each to the fullest and ensure that work is done and decisions are made at the most appropriate level.

Groups of partners coming together within partnerships are crucial building blocks for how we will deliver. Together they play critical roles in driving the improvement of health, wellbeing, and equity for all people living in north east London.

UPDATED: 22/02/2023