If you are looking for a rewarding career, have you thought about working in health and social care, or maybe you already work in the sector and are looking for a new opportunity? We have a special website that can help you find the career that offers you the opportunities you want. To find out more visit our careers website.

Our work is closely linked to the expectations in the NHS long term plan and the funding provided by Health Education England (HEE) which also provides the national and regional workforce strategies.

We need people working in care and health services who are supported to work in different places, covering new roles and with the skills to meet the needs of local people. We’re working with universities in east London, employers in all sectors, and with groups like housing providers, private and community based organisations, training organisations.

Workforce covers a lot of different areas from recruitment, training and career development to developing new job roles. Making changes to how people work takes time, and the starting point is what help do local people need. We know that a great deal of the care people receive doesn’t come from professionals, but from family and friends.  

“Nothing at all happens without people. We can’t open the doors to the places we provide care without people, let alone care for them when they need it without people. Our workforce is crucial. We need to attract the most talented and dedicated people, get them here and keep them here, because local people deserve safe, high quality health and care services. But there are a lot of difficulties we’re working to overcome. The work people do in care and health is changing. We already have ‘multi-disciplinary’ teams where people with different skills work closely together, sharing buildings and expertise to reduce fragmentation. But that’s only part of picture.”

Simon Hall, senior responsible officer for workforce

UPDATED: 26/04/2019