A good environment makes everything work better for patients and staff. We know this from patient experience surveys of clinic visits, inpatients and outpatients and from staff who give their views in annual staff surveys.

To achieve the best outcomes for local people we need to provide care in modern, fit-for-purpose buildings that meet the capacity challenges that come with a growing population. This means bringing together local health and care, and other public services, in the same buildings. This doesn’t just mean we can use our resources more effectively it encourages closer working between services – and stops people having to go to lots of different places.

East London has many modern facilities, but we also have buildings that are more than 100 years old and no longer fit for purpose.

Our strategic estates plan published in 2018 set out a vision to drive and support the provision of fit for purpose estate, acting as an enabler to deliver transformed services for the local population and we have made significant progress.

Since we published our strategic estates plan in 2018, we can report on many major achievements:

We have made significant progress through challenging times to improve services for local people. Our estates strategy remains a ‘living’ plan, which will continue to evolve as we respond to the needs of those we serve. If you would like get involved our citizen’s panel allows you to contribute your comments and ideas on a range of issues, including estates. You can find out more here.

UPDATED: 23/11/2021