New resource for GPs and practice managers implementing remote consultations and digital triage

This new learning resource and process model from Digital First is for GP practices who are looking to, or are in the process of, implementing remote consultations and digital triage.

The resource uses Tollgate Medical Centre in Newham as its case study. It applied total digital triage and remote consultations for patients ahead of the Covid-19 outbreak and is seeing high utilisation of the service. It provides practical insights and learning, including key challenges and how these were overcome, the enablers that helped to embed the new system and support sustainability, and top tips from GP partners and practice staff.

It also highlights the wide-ranging benefits that Tollgate Medical Centre has seen since implementing this total digital triage model, including improved patient care, flexibility for staff, increased staff morale, and cost savings.

This was developed by NEL Healthcare Consulting and NEL CSU, in collaboration with ELHCP and Tollgate Medical Centre.

UPDATED: 07/08/2020