Developing a people and workforce strategy

As a system, one of our four priority areas is local employment and workforce – ‘to create meaningful work opportunities and employment for people in north east London now and in the future’.

North east London has almost one hundred thousand staff working in health and social care. Our workforce is the heart of our system and plays a central role in improving population health and social care. It is critical to transforming and delivering the new models of care we will need to meet rising demand from a population that is growing rapidly with ever more complex health and social care needs.

To help to address the unprecedented workforce pressures and supply issues across our health and care partnership we aim to develop an integrated ‘one workforce’ model to support the delivery of the four system priorities of our Integrated Care Strategy. This calls for a fundamentally different approach as to how the health and social care workforce should be configured across the system.

But we also need to attract more people to careers in health and social care. These careers need to be innovative, flexible, and include new roles that support new ways of working and offer more employment opportunities for local people, especially those in underrepresented communities. 

More information on this is coming soon…

UPDATED: 22/06/2023