All About Me, For the Benefit of Everyone

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In June 2021 we hosted a reverse conference – All About Me, For the Benefit of Everyone – to listen to young people, parents, carers, teachers, GPs, Police and acute healthcare colleagues. We wanted to listen to what is working, what needs fixing and how to take this forward. All the content from breakout rooms, Mentimeter, Jamboards and the chat helped develop recommendations for the ICS and I-statements to keep young people at the heart of our work.  

You can read a summary of all areas discussed, people’s experiences, I statements and the recommendations. Download the summary report here

Since the event these recommendations have been presented at numerous forums locally and across London, helping to guide decision making. The clinical senate were impressed with the clarity of what young people want and committed to keeping this alive. The conversations and action that came from the All About Me event have started a number of initiatives, some of those include:

ELFT have developed a working group to explore how we can better support Trans and gender questioning young people and their families.

The co-production teams are being expanded across NEL to enable the voice of young people and their families to be constantly embedded in many of our projects.

Mental Health Support Teams are now in every borough across NEL. Working in and around education sites they offer intervention and support the development of a whole school approach, supporting Senior Mental Health Leads in schools.

Teams are working at a borough level to explore how health, social care and voluntary organisations position themselves to improve the experience of help seeking for young people and their families.

During Covid-19 the demand for mental health support has increased, we have partnered with our voluntary and community sector organisations to think creatively about what support looks like, for many young people this might be other ways to express themselves creatively, such as dance.

Kooth has been commissioned in all NEL boroughs, offering a digital space for expression, help seeking and online counselling.

NEL ICS now host a social prescribing steering group, to share good practice, set consistent standards and use their collective voice to escalate the need for funding.

Providers have been thinking about who else, beyond nurses, psychologists and doctors can help support young people’s mental health. We presented to the CEOs of all London NHS providers to consider Peer Roles as a core profession within mental health services, seeking opportunities to employ young people to be peer support workers, training facilitators, and social prescribers.

Working groups that include children’s and adult colleagues have been mobilised to look at how we improve the experience of young people aged 16-25 as they transition between children and adult services, looking at how services can align better.

The recruitment of three digital participation workers to better understand how young people want mental health services to interact and deliver resources.

UPDATED: 07/02/2022