Free sessions for Newham children with asthma and wheeze   

We’re pleased to offer children in Newham a chance to talk about their asthma and wheeze, launching with a local health professional.  

The sessions for children with asthma, and their families, will explain the impacts of air pollution on their health, and advise on how to reduce their exposure to air pollution by sharing simple actions they can take. 

Your community pharmacist will ensure that children and their families have a good understanding of their asthma care including how and when they should be using their inhalers and why, and whether they could consider switching to low carbon options if appropriate.  

Selected Community Pharmacies in Newham will work with families to improve their asthma care. After your session, your GP will receive a notification that you have attended. 

If your child is under 18 years old and is prescribed an inhaler (even if they do not have a diagnosis of asthma) and are registered with a Newham GP, and they fulfil at least one of the following criteria:  

  • Children under 8 years old  
  • Prescribed more than 3 salbutamol (blue) inhalers in the last year  
  • Prescribed 2 or more courses of oral steroids in the last year  
  • Prescribed montelukast or Seretide  
  • Prescribed ONLY a salbutamol (blue) inhaler  
  • Prescribed or using nebulisers at home  
  • Prescribed a dry powder inhaler. 

You can walk into any of these pharmacies to book an appointment: 

  • Blakeberry Pharmacy 96 High Street South, E6 3RL 
  • Blakeberry Pharmacy 9 – 11 High Street South, E6 6EN 
  • Duncans Pharmacy 347 High Street North, E12 6PQ 
  • Kalhan Pharmacy 75 Plashet Road, London, E13 0QA  
  • Munro Pharmacy 303 Green Street, E13 9AR 
  • Newmans Pharmacy 376 Barking Rd, Plaistow, E13 8HL 
  • Newmans Pharmacy 524-526 Barking Rd, E13 8QE 
  • Prime Pharmacy 234 High Street North, E12 6SB 
  • Rohpharm Ltd Unit 1 Opus Studios 212 Plaistow Road, E13 0AL 
  • Royal Docks Pharmacy 14 Royal Crest Avenue, West Silvertown, E16 2TQ 
  • Royal Docks Pharmacy 23 East Ham Manor Way, Beckton, E6 5NA 
  • Sai Pharmacy 150-152 High Street North, E6 2HT 
  • Shermans Pharmacy 100-102 Woodgrange Road, E7 0EW 
  • Weston Ltd 329 Barking Road, E13 8EE 
  • Weston Ltd 3 St. Stephens Parade, Green Street, E7 8LQ 
  • Yemi Pharmacy 127 The Grove, E15 1EN 

Currently funding for this scheme is only in Newham, patients in other parts of north east London that would like to manage childhood asthma and wheeze should attend their next asthma review appointment and/or visit Asthma + Lung UK  

UPDATED: 12/01/2024