CYP programme meetings

The Babies, Children and Young People’s Services transformation programme forum meet regularly to agree and develop our programme plan, to showcase work and to continue to forge links and build on our commitment across north east London to doing our best to improve care for babies, children and young people and positively impact on their health and wellbeing.

Our collective ambitions

  1. Strengthen engagement with children and young people in local authority and voluntary sector networks and parent/carers focussing on what matters to them
  2. Empower children, young people and parents with accessible, relevant information
  3. Monitor and challenge activity across the system with agreed north east London children’s dashboard with focus on most vulnerable communities and health inequalities
  4. Strengthen shared learning across partnership eg. GP/Paediatric collaborations
  5. Address challenges of digital/virtual consultation and engagement, learning from what worked and strengthening future governance
  6. Prioritise public health programmes including focusing on immunisation recovery, supporting bereaved children and young carers.
  7. Take new approaches in outpatient provision, Paediatric Assessment Units and Ambulatory /Hospital at Home models to keep care closer to home where safe and appropriate and strengthen hospital discharge processes across age continuum of childhood – will also develop a culture of ‘not a second longer than necessary in hospital’ moving towards winter planning and re-establishing elective care  
  8. Develop workforce to meet needs of north east London children, young people and families

UPDATED: 10/10/2022