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Understanding and managing Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) and respiratory presentations in 2021: Managing the RSV surge in north east London – a collective approach
Thursday 15 July

On 15 July 2021, healthcare professionals from across north east London and beyond came together to discuss how to respond to the surge in respiratory infections across the UK and the world. The respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) surge in babies and children is expected to cause a significant increase in bronchiolitis and other respiratory presentations and is attributed to the lack of exposure to common viruses during the pandemic. The aim of the conference was to consider how to prevent admissions and keep children out of hospital. A summary of the event can be found here, the full briefing for the event can be found here and the recording of the full 1.5 hour session is below. 

All about me for the benefit of everyone 
10 June 2021

On June, over 200 people joined an interactive conference for Children and Young People called “All About Me, For the Benefit of Everyone”. The aim was to develop the early intervention offer for mental health and emotional wellbeing. The event was a ‘reverse conference’ – the microphone was handed over to young people, parents and non -mental health professionals. The conference allowed us to gather critical insight from young people, parents, police, primary care, teachers, school governors, carers, A&E staff, voluntary and community organisations. The next step is to develop a series of tangible outcomes – likely to be principles and recommendations – through a series of co-production panels over the next few weeks. These will be presented back here and via a virtual event and provided to ICS leadership to consider how we can take action. The recording of this event can be viewed below.

Creating the future with the children and young people of north east London
12 March 2021

On 12 March we held our conference ‘Creating the future with the children and young people of north east London’. The virtual conference featured an expert panel of young people as they put their questions to the health and care system. The conference provided an opportunity for young people from across NEL to connect with key professionals to explore the potential of anchor organisations to create pathways to employment utilising a ‘Question Time’ style interactive learning event. Young people also put their questions to the health and care system about health, life chances, and employment opportunities. It was also an opportunity to celebrate the work colleagues across NEL are doing to grow CYP social prescribing and youth health champions.

Keeping care of babies, children and young people closer to home conference… making it happen 
22 July 2020

On 22 July 2020, over 100 professionals from across north east London came together to explore creative ways to safely reduce reliance on attendances in healthcare settings particularly in the light of Covid19 where strengthened infection control interventions and social distancing requires us to think and do things differently. The online event put a focus on keeping care as close to home as possible whilst strengthening our public health approaches and improving experiences of care. The presentations from the day, full summary of outcomes and letter to attendees can be found in the downloads section. 

Being collaboratively ambitious for child health
15 May 2020

On 15 May 2020, over 100 stakeholders working across children’s and young people’s services came together to consider how we might move forward as a local and wider system and collectively support the health of our children and young people during this challenging period, and maybe even more importantly, beyond the pandemic. The presentations from the day, a letter from Kath Evans our clinical lead and reflections and next steps can be found in the downloads section. The full recorded event can be viewed below. 

UPDATED: 27/07/2021