Showcasing ICS work to NHSE transformation director

Dr Thomas Treibel, Cardiologist, Dr Tim Ferris, Jo Moss and Justin Creigh, Deputy CEO at St Barts

We were delighted to host Dr Timothy Ferris, National Director of Transformation at NHS England, and showcase some of the great work the ICS is doing on innovation and addressing health inequalities.

Tim spent the morning at Bart’s Hospital visiting the cardiac department and cancer acute assessment unit.  He then moved on to meet members of the women’s inclusive team in Tower Hamlets who are currently delivering some key initiatives to tackle health inequalities. 

During his four hour visit Tim was accompanied by Dr Paul Gilluley NHS NEL chief medical officer and Jo Moss, NHS NEL chief strategy and transformation Officer.  He also met Justin Creigh, Deputy Chief Executive of Barts Health and members of the cardiac team including cardiologist, Dr Thomas Treibel.

Tim will be returning to the ICS in April to see more of the good work taking place within our system.