Health and wellbeing coaching in north east London

3 women walking one wearing walk leader high vis jacket

Health and wellbeing coaching is an effective intervention for many people who need and want to make changes to improve their health and wellbeing.

“It was a lifeline” – stories of how people’s lives are being changed by personalised care in north east London.

A health and wellbeing coach has the time to listen to their clients about the things that matter to them. Not just what is happening with their health conditions but in their lives, such as problems with their housing, financial issues, or relationships.

They can be based in GP surgeries or in voluntary and community settings and aim to work very closely with social prescribing link workers and care coordinators.

Each coaching session gives the person attending the opportunity to talk to someone who will listen and observe, help them set goals and guide them towards activities, tools, people and services to help them achieve the changes they want to make. 

UPDATED: 28/03/2023