Partnership Event - 6 June 2019

East London Health and Care Partnership Meeting at The Old Town Hall Stratford on Thursday, 6 June

On 6 June 2019 health and care professionals were joined by council leaders and representatives from voluntary and community organisations to discuss how they could work together to improve health and care services for people who live and work in north east London.

Organised by East London Health and Care Partnership and Healthwatch, the event at The Old Town Hall Stratford, provided an opportunity for nearly 200 people to discuss how the priorities outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan  – such as cancer, maternity and mental health care – could be best delivered by working together in partnership. 

The national Long Term Plan sets out how the NHS will improve the quality of patient care and health outcomes. For more information visit the NHS website. The NHS Long Term Plan has set some new aims and commitments and the discussions at the event was part of the early stages of planning the local response.

Althea Bart, from Healthwatch, reported back on what patients thought the NHS could do to improve local health and care services. In his address, Philip Glanville, the elected Mayor of Hackney and a member of the London Health Board, stressed the importance of continuing to build stronger partnerships between local authorities, the NHS and voluntary and community organisations. 

There were roundtable discussions on how the priorities outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan could be best delivered by working together in partnership. This provided an opportunity for partners to make proposals and feed in ideas about how to deliver the NHS Long Term Plan locally. The record of those discussions is available to download.

Local leaders from the NHS and local authorities sat on an "Any Questions" panel. Questions could also be submitted in advance of these sessions - the questions that were not answered are also available to download.

We continue to work with partners to develop their plans which will be incorporated into East London Health and Care Partnership’s plan which will be published in autumn 2019. It will cover a five year period from 2019/20 to 2023/24. The System Operating Plan that was published in April 2019  forms the first year of this plan.

There will be a follow-up event in October that will give people further opportunities to discuss the local response to the Long Term Plan.

Updated: 01/08/2019