Have your say on proposed changes to health and care

We encourage local people to respond to consultations and engagement exercises to tell us what they think about areas of our work. We do this in different ways, including holding events and asking questions online.

Consultations and engagement exercises are a vital way of getting local people involved and influencing decisions in north east London. Your feedback helps us with planning and buying health services that meet the diverse needs of our local communities. It is important to us that local people influence local health and care services and our plans. We are committed to ensuring our consultations are transparent and easy to understand, and we work closely with local authorities and Healthwatches.

Consultations and engagement exercises can take place at local, regional and national levels. Occasionally, we will need to formally consult or engage about proposals. This is usually when there is a proposal to make major changes to health services, develop new ones or create new strategies or policies for health and care services in north east London. When we do formally consult we ensure we meet our statutory and legal duties by following the ‘Gunning principles’. These are:

  • Ensure that the consultation or engagement exercise is undertaken at a time when the proposal is still at a formative stage
  • The consultation or engagement exercise must include sufficient reasons for a particular proposal to allow those consulted to give intelligence consideration and intelligent responses
  • Adequate time must be given for this purpose
  • All consultation and engagement feedback must be conscientiously taken into account when the ultimate decision is taken.

Current consultations and engagement exercises

Have your say on proposed changes to NHS help to have a baby

We want to change our policies on how we support and treat people who need NHS help to try to have a baby, also known as fertility treatment. We want to make it so that wherever you live in north east London, you are able to have the same fertility treatment, and make our policy fairer and closer to the latest national guidelines and best practice. The survey and engagement period has now closed.

Have your say on developing Community Diagnostic Centres

We are asking for feedback from local people and stakeholders on our plans for Community Diagnostic Centres. Health and care partners have been working together to develop the proposals that would see freestanding, digitally connected, multi-diagnostic centres in north east London. The aim is to increase capacity where it is most needed, for a range of key tests; to improve patient access, experience and health outcomes; whilst reducing health inequalities and increasing efficiency – for example reducing pressure on hospitals. Find out more and have your say on our proposals by 11.59pm on 13 September 2022.

Updated: 23/08/2022