Local NEL communities help design multilingual NHS app

There are 112,500 residents in North East London who say they have low or no proficiency in English. To better support them, we worked on making the NHS app accessible to those who cannot speak English.

In order to redesign the NHS app with non-English speakers in mind, three communities in Tower Hamlets/Newham (Bangladeshi, Somali, Romanian) were engaged, and asked to watch NHSx-designed videos in their mother tongue, telling them the benefits of the app and encouraging them to download it.

NHSx designed three animation videos, in each of the three languages, with the aim of allowing people to hear about the benefits of the app in their mother tongue, and to consider downloading it and using it with the support of an English-speaking friend or family member.

The videos were also uploaded to YouTube, with the communities asked to leave feedback in the comments, and shared through WhatsApp groups (more than 40 in Tower Hamlets) and social media.

UPDATED: 06/05/2022