Get involved

The NHS has a Long Term Plan that was developed based on the advice and experience of clinical experts, patients and the public. We are committed to involving local people to help implement the plan in east London.

You can help shape the healthcare services that you use. There are many ways for you to have your say from becoming a patient representative for your community, to attending our events and taking part in consultations.

You can get involved in helping to develop plans and services at a local level through your local council, Integrated Care Board, or GP practice Patient Participation Group.

If you’re interested in getting involved at a north east London level, you can become a member of the North East London Citizens’ Panel.

We encourage local people to respond to consultations and engagement exercises to tell us what they think about areas of our work. We do this in different ways, including holding events and asking questions online. For details of current and closed consultations please follow this link to the Get involved pages of the NHS North East London website.

UPDATED: 10/03/2023