Keeping Well in NEL

KeepingWell in NEL

The KeepingWellNEL platform has been established to support wellbeing in real-time through an easily accessible and culturally sensitive service. It is easily accessed through any digital advice so easy to access on the go. The platform provides signposting and fast-tracked referral where requested, to other support services. 

When can I access KeepingWell?

The platform is open 8am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday, including Bank Holidays.

What makes this platform different to other wellbeing resources?

  • 100% confidential – chat or speak about struggles and wellbeing needs with a trained wellbeing professional
  • Wellbeing support and signposting to any further available services based on identified needs
  • If needed, support with the identification of common or serious mental health difficulties, to assess signpost and fast-track referrals into existing services (Talking Therapies, Access, ETC)
  • Live Access (chat) to spiritual support and chaplaincy, employment support advice, debt management advice, dietary and nutrition advice and stress management advice
  • Interactive webinars focussed on MSK and physical activities, including yoga, mindfulness and resilience.

Live Access (chat) to 

  • Spiritual support and chaplaincy
  • Employment support advice
  • Debt management advice and curated exclusive Discounts and offers
  • Dietary and nutrition advice
  • Guided stress management and relaxation advice. 

Access to interactive webinars focussed on the above but also: 

  • MSK and Physical activities webinars
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Resilience

Access to Computerised CBT for Resilience, Covid Anxiety, Stress and other common emotional wellbeing difficulties

Access to a suite of recorded webinars 

Access to bite-sized webinars and follow-up Q&A Sessions

Access and signposting to emergency food hampers provision (as needed/available)

Team support (upon request and as available in individual Trusts):

  • Bespoke Crisis leadership Interactive webinars 
  • Bespoke Resilience webinars
  • Reflective groups (Schwarts/Balint, etc)

UPDATED: 25/01/2023