Health and Wellbeing for care staff

The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting us all in many ways: physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically. It is natural to have these feelings and indeed is a normal reaction to a very abnormal set of circumstances. It is okay not to be okay and it is by no means a reflection that you cannot do your job or that you are weak.

Some people may have some positive experiences, such as taking pride in the work they are doing and gaining satisfaction in helping others. Furthermore, the feeling of stress may be keeping you going and provide you with a sense of purpose.

All reactions are normal, none is more right or wrong than another. Managing your emotional well-being right now is as important as managing your physical health. ​

Here in north east London we are providing KeepingWellNEL an online platform, provided by East London Foundation Trust and North East London Foundation Trust, to support wellbeing including signposting and fast-tracked referral where requested, to other support services. 

Supporting Our NHS People is a useful resource pack designed to help you manage your own health and wellbeing while looking after others. 

For access to tips, guides, assessments and signposted resources, visit Good Thinking, which is freely available. 

In addition, Thrive LDN has produced a series of NHS-led webinars focused on supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of health and care workers.

UPDATED: 25/01/2023