Proxy Access

What is Proxy Access?

Proxy access was developed to allow someone other than the patient/resident to access and manage parts of their GP online services account. The proxy is given their own online access account (rather than using the patient’s login details).

GP practices can set up proxy access to repeat medications only, meaning that care home staff can’t see anything else in the record. If, however, a resident does not want care home staff to have proxy access to any part of their record, including repeat medication, the care home must continue using a paper-based process.

Benefits of Proxy Access:

There are a variety of benefits to Proxy Access, they include:

  • Improved communications and working relationships between care homes and GPs.
  • Visibility of what has been requested and where it is in the process. A reduction in risks and issues associated with ordering, issuing, collecting and dispensing repeat medications improving clinical safety
  • Time saving in both the care homes and GP practices. Reduction in emails and calls from the care home to the surgery for routine medications
  • Improved access as care home staff can order at any time of the day or night Improved digital audit trail and easy to access for practices
  • Improved data security and clinical safety as having NHSmail allows communications with the practice and other health care professionals via secure email directly for queries or requests
  • Good opportunity to review all repeat medications Reduces Admin workload in the practice

Please note: In order to have have Proxy Access, your Care Home will need to be registered to Standards Met on the Data Security Protection Toolkit.

If you have achieved Standards Met on the Data Security and Protection Toolkit and this sounds of interest, please get in touch below for more information and to begin the process.

Kiran Dahele – Senior Pharamacist, Projects Email:

UPDATED: 11/08/2021