NHS Mail

NHSmail is a free, secure email system that is available to all CQC- registered care providers in England who have achieved Approaching Standards on the Data Security and Protection Toolkit

Benefits of NHSMail:

  • Easier and faster communication with GPs
  • Simpler process for ordering tests (bloods/urine)
  • Increased collaboration over hospital admissions
  • Access to the NHS directory

  • If you are applying for NHSMail for the first time you will need to apply via the registration portal
  • You can add up to 10 individual accounts and 1 shared mailbox per site.
  • The naming convention for the shared mailbox is care.ODScode@nhs.net

If you already have an existingNHSMail account; you can add/remove users by sending an e-mail to careadmin@nhs.net, 

Please note you will need to do this from your shared mailbox account.

  • Self management is suitable for larger organisations with their own IT function Organisations are able to manage accounts themselves i.e. adding/removing accounts and password resets.
  • Organisations can integrate NHSMail with their own IT and HR procedures.
  • The default account allowance is up to 10 user accounts and 1 shared mailbox per site
  • Register using the self-management application form (can be found in downloads). This is completed at HQ level, sites are later added as ‘organisation units’

For further information on accessing NHSMail please visit the Digital Social Care website, you will find resources on the following:

  • How to access and activate your NHSMail account
  • Adding your NHSMail account to Outlook
  • How to give more staff access to NHSMail
  • How to add users to a shared mailbox
  • How to reset your password

Digital Project Team

UPDATED: 23/02/2022