Digitisation of Social Care (DiSC)

As part of the North East London Integrated Care System we cover adult social care services in all of our eight Local Authorities.

At North East London Integrated Care Board (NEL), through our Digitising Social Care Transformation initiative, we are looking at how we can enable our social care providers to adopt digital solutions and care technologies to have improved integration with health providers and better outcomes for patients through digital transformations.

We are doing this through an IT and digital maturity assessment (measure of an organisation’s ability to create value through digital) through a short survey of CQC registered adult social care providers to understand the level of digital maturity for each care provider. Please see the Digital Maturity Framework for more information. This will provide NEL with a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities facing the sector and an objective understanding of where best to place future efforts and budgets (through DiSC funding), informed by providers.

The following are in scope for the digital maturity assessment:
Organisations that  fall within the categories listed below, should complete the short survey to give us a better understanding of your digital maturity. (Please refer to the Digital Maturity Dictionary when completing the survey).

  • All CQC registered adult social care providers within NEL

The following are out of scope for the assessment:

  • Non-CQC registered adult social care providers
  • Dormant providers
  • Non-adult providers (i.e. providers for children that don’t also provide adult services)
  • Any healthcare providers

UPDATED: 23/10/2023