Care providers

We are working with local government partners and the social care leaders across North East London. These health and care professionals are providing essential local leadership and oversight to our communities.

This website is designed to be a single point of information on the issues facing care homes and other providers of care services. Here you will find the latest guidance on key issues including testing, PPE, medication and more. This website will be updated regularly to ensure accuracy and relevance as the pandemic response continues and changes.

We would also like to acknowledge the work done by care providers, staff and health and care services across North East London. Thank you for your dedication and service to the people in our community.

To further support safe and timely discharge and protect care home residents and staff from COVID-19 throughout winter, the Government has worked with the CQC to develop a designation scheme. This scheme ensures that everyone being discharged from hospitals to care homes who is COVID-19 positive, is discharged to premises that meet a set of agreed control standards to complete the recommended 14-day isolation period.

Information from a best practice webinar sharing advice and ideas on the Mental Capacity Act in a Covid-19 world can be found here.

During wave one of the pandemic we hosted a series of webinar we provide information and advice to care providers on how to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic and how best to protect their staff, residents, patients and visitors. You can watch past webinars here.

Information on how to get your Covid vaccine pass for your employer is here.

New mandatory vaccine regulations resources

On 11 November new regulations will require all care home workers, and anyone working or volunteering inside the indoor premises of a CQC-regulated care home providing nursing or personal care, to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (for a two dose vaccine that would mean both doses), unless they have a medical exemption. Find out more and access resources here.

Care homes

You can find a comprehensive list of care homes in north east London here.

UPDATED: 15/10/2021