Prevention, Awareness and Screening

The Prevention, Awareness and Screening Programme in north east London aims to deliver projects which will increase early diagnosis of cancer when treatment is easier, less invasive and more effective, and survival rates are better.

This work is overseen by the Prevention, Awareness and Screening Programme Delivery Group (PAS PDG), which meets every two months and provides strategic direction and accountability. The PAS PDG is made up of representatives from the CCGs, local public health teams, community and charity organisations and local GPs. You can read the minutes of the last meeting here. 

We also link in with our patient and carer representative group to make sure we get feedback, input and ideas from people with real experience of cancer, to help make sure we are focussing on the right things. 

Some examples of the work that we are planning for 2020/21 are:

  • Out of hours cervical screening clinics.
  • Bowel screening reminder calls.
  • Cancer awareness raising sessions.
  • Information videos to increase awareness of the cancer screening programmes.


Raising awareness of early signs and symptoms of cancer

One focus of our work is to make sure people are aware of possible signs and symptoms of cancer and know when to visit their GP. The Cancer Alliance will be developing cancer awareness sessions with our partner organisations, which will help people recognise signs to look out for and will be open to anyone living in north east London.

In the meantime, please see the links to some useful resources to help you recognise possible signs and symptoms of cancer. It important to know that all of these can be symptoms of other conditions, but you should speak to your GP if you notice any of these or any other unexplained symptom.   


Screening in north east London

Cancer screening services are key to diagnosing cancer at an early stage. There are three national cancer screening programmes – bowelbreast and cervical screening. These all aim to detect early changes which could lead to cancer.

The Cancer Alliance is working with our partners to break down the barriers to accessing screening services in north east London, which can lead to health inequalities. There are many reasons why people do not participate in screening programmes, and we aim to understand and address these to support the population of north east London to remain healthy. 

It’s important to attend a screening appointment when you are invited, screening services are running and are safe from Covid. Extra measures are in place to help us keep patients safe. If you notice any of the signs and symptoms mentioned above or if you have symptoms that worry you, don’t wait for your next screening appointment, make an appointment with your GP.


Updated: 07/01/2021